How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases (2024)

Your quest for Spanish fluency won’t be complete until you’ve mastered the art of saying I love you in Spanish.

French might have the reputation of being the most romantic language in the world, but who says Spanish can’t be romantic? Spanish happens to be a Romance language as well, so it can be just as romantic as any other language.

In fact, Spanish is the national language of over 20 countries, most of which have very passionate cultures. If you’ve ever spent time in Latin America or Spain, you may know how fervent Spanish-speakers can be.

This makes Spanish an excellent language for love and romance, as there are many ways (we’ve detailed 140+ of them!) to express love and affection in this beautiful language.

So, whether you’re looking to impress a new señorita or simply want to show platonic affection to your in-laws or host family, this article will cover everything you need to know. Keep reading to learn well over a hundred ways to show your love in Spanish!

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How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases (1)

Why learn ways how to say I love you in Spanish

You might be the kind of person who reserves the famous three words for their significant other, or maybe you wear your heart on your sleeve and say I love you multiple times a day to all kinds of people in your life. Either way, learning how to say I love you in Spanish will definitely boost your language skills tremendously. And while you may learn these sayings in online Spanish classes, there's no reason why you shouldn't get a head start.

Here are three reasons why learning all about love in Spanish will help you.

Find a Spanish-speaking significant other

One of the best ways to learn a new language is to communicate with your significant other in their native language. If you happen to be in a relationship with a Spanish speaker, then learning how to express love in Spanish is certainly one of the best things you could do.

There are countless ways to say I love you beyond a simple “te amo.” Spanish is spoken by over 400 million speakers, so the language is as diverse as it is romantic. Keep reading to learn how to say things like “I love you very much” and “I love you handsome” in Spanish.

Express your appreciation for loved ones

If you live in a Spanish-speaking country or interact with Spanish speakers regularly, you’ll want to know a few words to show your love and appreciation.

Even if you’re not looking to get involved romantically with anyone, in particular, knowing how to tell people that you care about them can get you far. Spanish has countless ways to demonstrate platonic love to others.

Understand romantic movies and TV shows

Without a doubt, one of the best parts about learning Spanish is consuming Spanish media.

When it comes to movies, Spain is a powerhouse of Spanish-language movie productions. There are tons of great romantic movies from Spain that you’ll be able to fully enjoy once you’re fully versed in the love side of Spanish.

And when it comes to television, few things in this world can compare to Latin American telenovelas. If you’re not familiar with Mexican, Colombian, and Peruvian soap operas, you are in for a wild ride. These over-the-top TV shows will have you hooked as the characters go through unlikely events of grief and joy, all while maintaining convoluted romantic relationships.

We’ll include a few recommendations of romantic movies and telenovelas at the end of the article, so stay with us!

How to say I love you in Spanish

If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’ve probably been meaning to ask your Spanish teacher “how do you say I love you in Spanish?” since day one. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start with the basics. I love you in Spanish is te amo. This is the most direct translation of “I love you” there is. However, Spanish is not a language that you can just translate into English word by word.

Spanish-speaking cultures have integrated the concept of love into daily life, resulting in hundreds of different ways to show love and appreciation in Spanish.

We’ve broken down all the ways of conveying adorationinto different sections so you know when and where to use each one. We’ve also included the IPA spelling and a pronunciation guide in case you’re in love and need to shout it from the rooftops right away!

To a boyfriend, girlfriend and/or romantic love

How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases (2)

The most obvious person you would say I love you to is your romantic partner. Whether you’re trying to flirt in a Spanish-speaking country or already are in a committed relationship and want to profess your love to your partner, we’ve got your back.

Check out these wonderfully romantic ways to say I love you in Spanish to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner.

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellinngPronunciation
I love youTe amote ˈamoTay ah-mo
I love you tooYo también te amoˈɟʝo tãmˈbjɛ̃n te ˈamoYo tahm-bee-en tay ah-mo
I love you so muchTe amo demasiadote ˈamo ðemaˈsjaðoTay ah-mo day-ma-see-ah-doh
I love you moreTe amo máste ˈamo ˈmasTay ah-mo mas
I love you mostTe amo más que nadiete ˈamo ˈmas ˈke ˈnaðjeTay ah-mo mas kay nah-dee-eh
I love you a lotTe amo muchote ˈamo ˈmuʧoTay ah-mo moo-cho
I love you very muchTe amo muchísimote ˈamo muˈʧisimoTay ah-mo moo-chee-see-mo
I love you to the moon and backTe amo hasta la luna y más alláte ˈamo ˈasta la ˈluna i̯ ˈmas aˈʝaTay ah-mo ahs-tah la loo-na
I love you with all my heartTe amo con todo mi corazónte ˈamo kõn ˈtoðo mi koɾaˈsõnTay ah-mo con toh-doh mee co-rah-son
I love you, my loveTe amo, mi amorte ˈamo | mj aˈmoɾTay ah-mo mee ah-more
I love you handsomeTe amo, guapote ˈamo | ˈɡwapoTay ah-mo, goo-ah-po
I love you beautifulTe amo, hermosate ˈamo | ɛɾˈmosaTay ah-mo, air-mo-sa
I love you more than life itselfTe amo más que a la vida en síte ˈamo ˈmas ˈke a la ˈβiða ɛ̃n ˈsiTay ah-mo mas kay ah la vee-dah en see
I love you more than anythingTe amo más que a nadate ˈamo ˈmas ˈke a ˈnaðaTay ah-mo mas kay ah nah-da
I still love youAún te amoaˈũn te ˈamoAh-oon tay ah-mo
I think I love youCreo que te amoˈkɾeo ˈke te ˈamoCray-oh kay tay ah-mo
I’m crazy about youEstoy enloquecido por tiɛsˈtoj ɛ̃nlokeˈsiðo poɾ ˈtiEs-toy en-loh-kay-see-do por tee
You’re driving me crazy (in a good way)Me estás volviendo loco
mɛ ɛsˈtas̬ βolˈβjɛ̃ndo ˈlokoMeh es-tas vol-vee-en-do low-co
I’m head over heels for youEstoy enloquecido por tiɛsˈtoj ɛ̃nlokeˈsiðo poɾ ˈtiEs-toy en-lo-kay-see-do por tee
I adore youTe adorote aˈðoɾoTay ah-do-ro
I’ve fallen for youMe has conquistadome ˈas kõnkisˈtaðoMeh as con-kiss-ta-do
I’m yoursSoy tuyo/aˈsoi̯ tuˈʝoaSoy too-yo/too-ya
Love of my lifeAmor de mi vidaaˈmoɾ ðe mi ˈβiðaAh-more day me vee-da
I’m thinking about youEstoy pensando en tiɛsˈtoi̯ pɛ̃nˈsãndo ɛ̃n ˈtiEs-toy pen-san-do en tee
I want to be with youQuiero estar contigoˈkjɛɾo ɛsˈtaɾ kõnˈtiɣokee-eh-ro es-tar con-tee-go
I can’t wait to see youYa te quiero verɟʝa te ˈkjɛɾo ˈβɛɾYa tay kee-eh-ro ver
I can’t live without youNo puedo vivir sin tiˈno ˈpweðo βiˈβiɾ sĩn ˈtiNo poo-ay-do vee-veer seen tee
I need youTe necesitote neseˈsitoTay neh-say-see-toh
You are my other halfEres mi media naranjaˈɛɾes̬ mi ˈmeðja naˈɾãnxaEh-res me meh-dee-ah nah-ran-ha
Life would be empty without youLa vida estaría vacía sin tila ˈβiða ɛstaˈɾia βaˈsia sĩn ˈtiLa vee-dah es-ta-ree-ah va-see-ah seen tee
My heart is yoursMi corazón es tuyomi koɾaˈson ˈɛs ˈtuʝoMe co-rah-son es too-yo
You are my everythingEres mi todoˈɛɾes̬ mi ˈtoðoEh-res me toh-doh
I love you with all my soulTe amo con toda mi almate ˈamo kõn ˈtoða mj ˈalmaTay ah-mo con toh-da me al-mah
I love you from the bottom of my heartTe amo desde el fondo de mi corazón.te ˈamo ˈðɛs̬ðɛ ɛl ˈfõndo ðe mi koɾaˈsõn ‖Tay ah-mo des-day el fon-do day me co-rah-son
I love you mommyTe amo mamacitate ˈamo mamaˈsitaTay ah-mo ma-ma-see-ta
I love you daddyTe amo papite ˈamo ˈpapiTay ah-mo pa-pee
You’re the best girlfriend in the worldEres la mejor novia del mundoˈɛɾes̬ la meˈxoɾ ˈnoβja ðɛl ˈmũndoEh-res la may-hore noh-vee-ah del moon-do
You’re the best boyfriend in the worldEres el mejor novio del mundoˈɛɾes ɛl meˈxoɾ ˈnoβjo ðɛl ˈmũndoEh-res el may-hore noh-vee-oh del moon-do

I love you in Spanish to a friend, family member or platonic love

How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases (3)

Most Spanish-speaking cultures are very warm and fuzzy. Expressing your love for your friends, family, and close acquaintances is not only not uncommon, but almost expected. So, if you’ve made some Spanish speaking friends, don’t waste any time in learning ways to say I love you in Spanish to a friend.

Even in everyday situations it’s not unusual to tack on an “I love you” at the end, so don’t be surprised if you hear things like “Goodnight, I love you” in Spanish.

Here are a few dozen ways of showing your platonic love in Spanish.

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
I love you momTe amo, mamáte ˈamo | maˈmaTay ah-mo, ma-ma
I love you dadTe amo, papáte ˈamo | paˈpaTay ah-mo, pa-pa
I love you grandmaTe amo, abuelate ˈamo | aˈβwelaTay ah-mo, ah-boo-eh-la
I love you grandpaTe amo, abuelote ˈamo | aˈβweloTay ah-mo, ah-boo-eh-lo
I love you allLos amo a todoslos ˈamo a ˈtoðosLos ah-mo ah toh-dos
I love you guysLos amolos ˈamoLos ah-mo
I love Taco BellAmo Taco Bellˈamo ˈtako ˈβɛʝAh-mo Taco Bell
I love you as a friendTe quiero como amigote ˈkjɛɾo ˈkomo aˈmiɣoTay kee-eh-ro co-mo ah-mee-go
I miss youTe extrañotɛ ɛksˈtɾaɲoTay ex-tra-nio
I miss youTe echo de menoste ˈeʧo ðe ˈmenosTay eh-cho day meh-nos
You look beautifulQué hermosa te vesˈke ɛɾˈmosa te ˈβesKay her-mo-sa tay ves
You look handsomeQué guapo te vesˈke ˈɣwapo te ˈβesKay goo-ah-po te ves
You’re my soulmateEres mi alma gemelaˈɛɾes̬ mj ˈalma xeˈmelaEh-res me al-ma he-meh-la
I like you just the way you areTe quiero tal cual y como ereste ˈkjɛɾo ˈtal ˈkwal i ˈkomo ˈɛɾesTay kee-eh-ro tal koo-al e co-mo eh-res
Goodnight, I love youBuenas noches, te amoˈbwenas̬ ˈnoʧes | te ˈamoBoo-eh-nas noh-ches, tay ah-mo

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How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases (4)

How to say I like you in Spanish

If you’re looking to ask someone out, this section is for you. How you say I like you in Spanish will very likely have an impact on the outcome, so make sure to pay close attention to the phrases below!

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciationContext
I like youMe gustasme ˈɣustasMay goose-tasIn a romantic way
I like youMe caes bienme ˈkaes̬ ˈβjɛ̃nMay kah-is bee-enIn a friendly way
I like you a lotMe gustas muchome ˈɣustas̬ ˈmuʧoMay goose-tas moo-choIn a romantic way
I really like youEn verdad me gustasɛ̃m bɛɾˈðað me ˈɣustasEn ver-dad may goose-tasIn a romantic way
I really like you a lotEn verdad me gustas muchísimoɛ̃m bɛɾˈðað me ˈɣustas̬ muˈʧisimoEn ver-dad may goose-tas moo-chee-see-moIn a romantic way
I like you tooTú también me gustasˈtu tãmˈbjɛ̃m me ˈɣustasToo tam-bee-en may goose-tasResponding to someone who says they like you
I want to see youQuiero verteˈkjɛɾo ˈβɛɾteKee-ehr-ro ver-tayWhen you want to make plans
I like everything about youMe gusta todo sobre time ˈɣusta ˈtoðo ˈsoβɾe ˈtiMay goose-ta toh-do sow-bray teeIn a romantic way
Will you go out with me?¿Te gustaría salir conmigo?te ɣustaˈɾia saˈliɾ kõmˈmiɣo ‖Tay goose-ta-ree-ah sah-leer con-mee-goA formal way to ask someone out
You are very prettyEres muy lindo/aˈɛɾes̬ mwi lĩnˈdoaEh-res mooy leen-da/leen-doA romantic or friendly compliment
You are divineEres divino/aˈɛɾes̬ ðiβiˈnoaEh-res dee-vee-no/dee-vee-naA romantic or very friendly compliment
You are spectacularEres espectacularˈɛɾes ɛspek̚takuˈlaɾEh-res es-pec-tah-coo-larA romantic or very friendly compliment
I love you an eggTe quiero un huevote ˈkjɛɾo u̯n ˈweβoTay kee-eh-ro oon oo-eh-vohA casual way to tell someone you like them a lot, romantically or platonically

How to say “my love” in Spanish

If you’ve ever spent time around Spanish speakers, you’ve probably noticed that mi amortends to be thrown around a lot. Although mi amortranslates directly into “my love”, there are countless other terms of endearment that you can use with your loved ones.

Note that you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship with someone to use any of the terms below. Just be aware that they do show quite a bit of affection, so make sure you save them for your closest friends and family.

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
My loveMi amormj aˈmoɾMe ah-more
My skyMi cielomi ˈsjeloMe see-eh-lo
My lifeMi vidami ˈβiðaMe vee-da
My heartMi corazónmi koɾaˈsõnMe co-rah-son
My dearMi queridomi kɛˈɾiðoMe kay-ree-doh
My sunMi solmi ˈsolMe sol
My kingMi reymi ˈrei̯Me ray
My queenMi reinami ˈrei̯naMe ray-na
My sweetnessMi dulzurami ðulˈsuɾaMe dull-soo-rah
My babyMi bebémi βeˈβeMe beh-beh
My preciousMi preciosami pɾeˈsjosaMe pray-see-oh-sa
My treasureMi tesoromi teˈsoɾoMe tay-so-ro
My dollMi muñecami muˈɲekaMe moo-nie-kah

Will you marry me in Spanish

If you’re ready to pop the big question, this section’s for you. While you can be direct and just ask if they will marry you, there are many more interesting ways to ask someone to join you for the rest of your life.

Here are some of the ways to ask someone to marry you in Spanish, and congratulations!

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
Will you marry me?¿Quieres casarte conmigo?ˈkjɛɾes kaˈsaɾte kõmˈmiɣo ‖Kee-eh-res ca-sar-tay con-me-go
Would you like to marry me?¿Te gustaría casarte conmigo?te ɣustaˈɾia kaˈsaɾte kõmˈmiɣo ‖Tay goose-ta-ree-ah ca-sar-tay con-me-go
Will you be my wife?¿Quieres ser mi esposa?ˈkjɛɾes ˈsɛɾ mj ɛsˈposa ‖Kee-eh-res ser me es-poh-sa
Will you be my husband?¿Quieres ser mi esposo?ˈkjɛɾes ˈsɛɾ mj ɛsˈposo ‖Kee-eh-res ser me es-poh-so
Will you spend the rest of your life with me?¿Te gustaría pasar el resto de tu vida conmigo?te ɣustaˈɾia paˈsaɾ ɛl ˈrɛsto ðe tu ˈβiða kõmˈmiɣo ‖Tay goose-tar-ee-ah pah-sar el res-to day too vee-da con-mee-go
Would you marry me?¿Te casarías conmigo?te kasaˈɾias kõmˈmiɣo ‖Tay cah-sa-ree-as con-me-go
Do you accept to be my wife?¿Aceptas ser mi esposa?aˈsep̚tas ˈsɛɾ mj ɛsˈposa ‖Ah-sep-tas ser me es-po-sa
Do you accept to be my husband?¿Aceptas ser mi esposo?aˈsep̚tas ˈsɛɾ mj ɛsˈposo ‖Ah-sep-tas ser me es-po-so
Marry Me?¿Te casas conmigo?te ˈkasas kõmˈmiɣo ‖Tay cah-sas con-me-go
Marry Me!¡Cásate conmigo!ˈkasate kõmˈmiɣo ‖Cah-sa-tay con-me-go
Let’s get marriedCasémonoskaˈsemonoscah-say-mose-nose

Love quotes in Spanish

How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases (5)

Spanish is an extremely romantic language, and if you don’t believe us, then these wonderfully-cheesy quotes about love in Spanish will surely change your mind.

After all, simply saying I love you very much in Spanish will only get you so far when there are so many beautiful love quotes to choose from!

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
Love has no ageEl amor no tiene edadɛl aˈmoɾ ˈno ˈtjene eˈðaðElle ah-more no tee-ay-nay ay-dad
I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrowTe amo más hoy que ayer, pero menos que mañanate ˈamo ˈmas ˈoi̯ ˈke aˈʝɛɾ | ˈpɛɾo ˈmenos ˈke maˈɲanaTay ah-mo mas oy kay ah-yer, pay-ro may-nos kay ma-nia-na
Love doesn’t need to be understood, it simply needs to be shown.El amor no necesita ser entendido, simplemente necesita ser demostrado.ɛl aˈmoɾ ˈno neseˈsita ˈsɛɾ ɛ̃ntɛ̃nˈdiðo | sĩmpleˈmɛ̃nte neseˈsita ˈsɛɾ ðemosˈtɾaðo ‖Elle ah-more no nay-say-see-ta ser en-ten-dee-doh, sim-play-men-tay nay-say-see-ta ser day-mon-straw-doh
You don’t see love, you feel it.El amor no se mira, se siente.ɛl aˈmoɾ ˈno se ˈmiɾa | se ˈsjɛ̃nte ‖Elle ah-more no say mee-ra, say en-tee-en-day
Love however you can, love whoever you can, love anything you can.Ama como puedas, ama a quien puedas, ama todo lo que puedas.ˈama ˈkomo ˈpweðas | ˈama a ˈkjɛ̃m ˈpweðas | ˈama ˈtoðo lo ˈke ˈpweðas ‖Ah-ma co-mo poo-ay-das, ah-ma ah key-en poo-ay-das, ah-ma to-do lo kay poo-ay-das
I love you more than my own skin.Te amo más que a mi propia piel.te ˈamo ˈmas ˈke a mi ˈpɾopja ˈpjɛl ‖Tay ah-mo mas kay ah me pro-pee-ah pee-elle
Laughing with someone is the biggest symptom of love.Reírse con otro es el mayor síntoma de amor.reˈiɾse kon ˈotɾo ˈɛs ɛl maˈʝoɾ ˈsĩntoma ðe aˈmoɾ ‖Ray-eere-say con oh-tro es elle mah-yore seen-to-ma day ah-more
The most powerful spell to be loved is to love.El más poderoso hechizo para ser amado es amar.ɛl ˈmas poðɛˈɾoso eˈʧiso ˈpaɾa ˈsɛɾ aˈmaðo ˈɛs aˈmaɾ ‖Elle mas poh-day-ro-so ay-chee-so pah-rah ser ah-ma-doh es ah-mar
True love isn’t known for what it requests, but for what it offers.Al verdadero amor no se le conoce por lo que exige, sino por lo que βɛɾðaˈðɛɾo aˈmoɾ ˈno se le koˈnose poɾ lo ˈke ɛkˈsixe | ˈsino poɾ lo ˈke oˈfɾese ‖Al ver-da-day-ro ah-more no say leh co-no-say pore lo kay ex-ee-hay, see-no por lo kay oh-fray-say
Love lasts so little time while oblivion lasts so long.Es tan corto el amor y tan largo el olvido.ˈɛs ˈtãn ˈkoɾto ɛl aˈmoɾ i ˈtãn ˈlaɾɣo ɛl olˈβiðo ‖Es tan core-toh elle ah-more e tahn lar-go elle ol-vee-doh
The only thing that hurts about death is not dying of love.Lo único que me duele de morir es que no sea de amor.lo ˈuniko ˈke me ˈðwele ðe moˈɾiɾ ˈɛs ˈke ˈno ˈsea ðe aˈmoɾ ‖Lo oo-nee-coh kay may doo-eh-lay day mo-reer es kay no say-ah day ah-more
The root of all passions is love.La raíz de todas las pasiones es el amor. la raˈis̬ ðe ˈtoðas̬ las paˈsjones ˈɛs ɛl aˈmoɾ ‖La rah-ees day to-das las pah-see-oh-nes es el ah-more
If nothing can save us from death, then at least love can save us from life.Si nada nos salva de la muerte, al menos que el amor nos salve de la ˈnaða nos ˈsalβa ðe la ˈmwɛɾte | al ˈmenos ˈke ɛl aˈmoɾ nos ˈsalβe ðe la ˈβiða ‖See na-da noss sal-vah day la moo-er-tay, al may-nos kay elle ah-more nos sal-vay day la vee-da
Fall in love with yourself, then with life, and then with whomever you want.Enamórate de ti, de la vida y luego de quien tú quieras.enaˈmoɾate ðe ˈti | de la ˈβiða i̯ ˈlweɣo ðe ˈkjɛ̃n ˈtu ˈkjɛɾas ‖Ay-na-more-ah-tay day tee, day la vee-dah, ee loo-ay-go day kee-ehn too kee-ay-ras
Love is invisible and can come in and out wherever it pleases and without being held accountable for anything.El amor es invisible y entra y sale por donde quiere sin que nadie le pida cuenta de sus hechos.ɛl aˈmoɾ ˈɛs ĩmbiˈsiβle j ˈɛ̃ntɾa i̯ ˈsale poɾ ˈðõnde ˈkjɛɾe sĩn ˈke ˈnaðje le ˈpiða ˈkwɛ̃nta ðe sus ˈeʧos ‖Elle ah-more es een-vee-see-blay ee en-trah ee sah-lay pore don-day kee-ay-ray seen kay nah-dee-ay lay pee-dah koo-en-tah day soos ay-chose
I fall in love a thousand times a day, each time with you.Me enamoro mil veces al día, y todas son de enaˈmoɾo ˈmil ˈβeses al ˈdia | i ˈtoðas ˈsõn de ˈti ‖May en-ah-more-oh meel vay-ses al dee-ah, ee toe-das sohn day tee
One can learn to love, not when they find the correct person, but when they learn to believe in the perfection of an imperfect person.Uno aprende a amar, no cuando encuentre a la persona perfecta, sino cuando aprenda a creer en la perfección de una persona imperfectaˈuno aˈpɾɛ̃nde a aˈmaɾ | ˈno ˈkwãndo ɛ̃nˈkwɛ̃ntɾe a la pɛɾˈsona pɛɾˈfek̚ta | ˈsino ˈkwãndo aˈpɾɛ̃nda a kɾeˈɛɾ ɛ̃n la pɛɾfɛkˈsjõn de ˈuna pɛɾˈsona ĩ̯mpɛɾˈfek̚taOo-no ah-pren-day ah ah-mar, no koo-ahn-do en-koo-en-tray ah la pear-so-na pear-fec-tah, see-no koo-an-do ah-pren-da ah cray-ere en la pear-fec-see-ohn em-pear-fec-ta
I love you not for who you are, but for you I am when I’m with you.Te amo no por como eres, sino por como soy cuando estoy contigo.te ˈamo ˈno poɾ ˈkomo ˈɛɾes | ˈsino poɾ ˈkomo ˈsoi̯ ˈkwãndo ɛsˈtoi̯ kõnˈtiɣo ‖Tay ah-mo no pore koh-mo eh-res, see-no pore koh-mo soy koo-ahn-do es-toy con-tee-go
Where love reigns, all laws become redundant.Donde reina el amor, siempre sobran las leyes.ˈdõnde ˈrei̯na ɛl aˈmoɾ | ˈsjɛ̃mpɾe ˈsoβɾãn las̬ ˈleʝes ‖Don-day ray-na elle ah-more, see-em-pray sow-bran las lay-yes
Love opens every door, bitterness closes them.El amor abre todas las puertas; el rencor las cierra.ɛl aˈmoɾ ˈaβɾe ˈtoðas̬ las ˈpwɛɾtas | ɛl rɛ̃nˈkoɾ las ˈsjɛra ‖Elle ah-more ah-bray toh-das las poo-ere-tas; elle ren-core las see-eh-rah
Every time there’s a hole in your life, fill it with love.Siempre que tengas un hueco en tu vida, llénalo con amor.ˈsjɛ̃mpɾe ˈke ˈtɛ̃nɡas un ˈweko ɛ̃n tu ˈβiða | ˈɟʝenalo kon aˈmoɾ ‖See-em-pray kay ten-gas oon woo-ay-co en too vee-da, yay-nah-lo con ah-more
Someone who has never loved before can’t be a good person.No puede ser bueno aquél que nunca ha amado.ˈno ˈpweðe ˈsɛɾ ˈβweno aˈkɛl ˈke ˈnũnka ˈa aˈmaðo ‖No poo-ay-day ser boo-ay-no ah-kell kay noon-cah ah ah-ma-doh

Romantic Spanish songs

If you’re familiar with our learning philosophy, you know we are huge fans of using music to learn a new language. All you have to do is play the song and your brain will do the rest. It’s so easy!

If you want extra points, you can also sing along. But who are we kidding, Spanish love songs are so good it’s impossible not to sing along!

Si Nos Dejan by Luis Miguel

Few singers can claim the same romantic cred as Luis Miguel. The quintessential Mexican singer has been charming people’s hearts ever since his career started in 1981, even briefly dating Mariah Carey. If you’re looking for someone with a romantic discography, Luis Miguel is it.

As you can imagine, Luis Miguel’s music is a staple in any Spanish-speaking wedding. His song Si Nos Dejan is actually one of the most popular Spanish wedding first dance songs, as Luis Miguel sings about all the things he and his lover would do, si nos dejan (if they let us).

Como La Flor by Selena

Few Spanish love songs are more iconic than Selena Quintanilla’s Como La Flor. This timeless classic is as sad as it is inspiring, as Selena sings about how she knows the relationship is over and it’s time to move on.

Listen along to learn about how Selena’s love withered como la flor (like a flower).

Me Enamoré by Shakira

If you’re looking for something more upbeat and exciting, then look no further than Shakira’s Me Enamoré. This super fun and airy song will have you singing about falling in love, dancing, and enjoying some mojitos. What’s not to like about that?

Romantic phrases in Spanish

There are countless ways to be romantic in Spanish without actually using the word love. After all, being creative and not too direct is part of the charm of romance!

You’ll notice that a lot of these sayings compliment a specific body part. If you haven’t learned all the body parts yet or don’t feel too confident about them, you can check out our body parts in Spanish blog to brush up before you learn the romantic phrases in Spanish below!

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
You make me happy as a worm.Me haces feliz como una ˈases feˈlis ˈkomo ˈuna lõmˈbɾisMay ah-ses fay-lees koh-mo oo-na lom-breeze
I want to be with you forever.Quiero estar contigo para siempre.ˈkjɛɾo ɛsˈtaɾ kõnˈtiɣo ˈpaɾa ˈsjɛ̃mpɾeKee-eh-ro es-tar con-tee-go pah-rah see-em-pray
I like your smile.Me gusta tu ˈɣusta tu sõnˈrisaMay goose-tah too son-ree-sa
Your eyes are captivating.Me cautivan tus kau̯ˈtiβãn tus ˈoxosMay cow-tee-van toos oh-hos
You make me laugh a lot.Me haces reír ˈases̬ reˈiɾ ˈmuʧoMay ah-says ray-eere moo-cho
I can’t wait to see you again.No veo la hora de verte otra vez.ˈno ˈβeo la ˈoɾa ðe ˈβɛɾte ˈotɾa ˈβesNo vay-oh la oh-rah day ver-tay oh-trah vehs
I’m dying of love.Muero de amor.ˈmwɛɾo ðe aˈmoɾMoo-ay-row day ah-more
You are always in my heart.Siempre estás en mi corazón.ˈsjɛ̃mpɾɛ ɛsˈtas ɛ̃m mi koɾaˈsõnSee-em-pray es-tas en me coh-rah-son
Stay with whoever kisses your soul, because anyone could kiss your skin.Quédate con quien te bese el alma. La piel te la puede besar cualquiera.ˈkeðate kõn ˈkjɛ̃n te ˈβesɛ ɛl ˈalma ‖ la ˈpjɛl te la ˈpweðe βeˈsaɾ kwalˈkjɛɾaKay-da-tay con kee-ehn tay bay-say elle al-ma. La pee-elle tay-la poo-ay-day bay-sar coo-al-kee-eh-rah
I love you like the female trout loves the male trout.Te quiero como la trucha al trucho.te ˈkjɛɾo ˈkomo la ˈtɾuʧa al ˈtɾuʧoTay kee-eh-ro co-mo la true-cha al true-cho
You look like a princess.Pareces una princesa.paˈɾeses ˈuna pɾĩnˈsesaPah-ray-ses oo-na preen-say-sa
You’re as cute as a flower.Eres tan linda como una flor.ˈɛɾes ˈtãn ˈlĩnda ˈkomo ˈuna ˈfloɾEh-res tan leen-da co-mo oo-na floor
My heart beats like a french fry.Mi corazón palpita como una patata frita.mi koɾaˈsõm palˈpita ˈkomo ˈuna paˈtata ˈfɾitaMe coh-rah-son pal-pee-tah co-mo oo-na pa-ta-ta free-ta
You’re the woman of my dreams.Eres la mujer de mis sueños.ˈɛɾes̬ la muˈxɛɾ ðe mis ˈsweɲosAy-res la moo-her day mees soo-ay-nios
I hope you’re in my dreams tonight.Espero soñar contigo esta noche.ɛsˈpɛɾo soˈɲaɾ kõnˈtiɣo ˈɛsta ˈnoʧeEs-pear-oh sow-niar con-tee-go es-tah no-che
I think we look good together.Creo que hacemos una buena pareja.ˈkɾeo ˈke aˈsemos ˈuna ˈβwena paˈɾexaCray-oh kay ah-say-mos oo-na boo-ay-na pah-ray-ha
I like you more and more each day.Cada día te quiero más.ˈkaða ˈðia te ˈkjɛɾo ˈmasCa-dah dee-ah tay kee-eh-ro mas
You complete me.Tú me complementas.ˈtu me kõmpleˈmɛ̃ntasToo may com-play-men-tahs

Text slang for showing love in Spanish

A lot of conversations happen via text messages these days. Or more likely WhatsApp, if you’re in Spain or Latin America. It’s important to keep up with your Spanish slang, and especially texting slang related to love.

Here are some of the most common text messages to know.

TextMeaningEnglish Translation
TQMTe quiero muchoI love you
TKMTe kiero muchoI love you
ta:*Te amo *cara de beso*I love you *kissy face*
ta+Te amo másI love you more
b7sBesitosLittle kisses
tqTe quieroI love you
ccptCuenta conmigo para todoYou can always count on me

3 tips for learning how to express love in Spanish

Watch Telenovelas

Latin American telenovelas are without a doubt some of the most dramatic TV shows on this planet. If you are looking for a TV show that will hook you from the start, you need to start watching telenovelas ASAP.

Since telenovelas usually revolve around a tragic love story, you can rest assured that you will learn a lot about expressing love in Spanish. With multiple story arches and plenty of escándalo, you will learn a lot about love as you watch these shows. One caveat: this is probably not a tip for learning Spanish for kids!

Luckily, you can find plenty of great telenovelas on Netflix now. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Pasión de gavilanes
  • El final del paraíso
  • La reina del Sur
  • Amar y vivir

Any of these will surely captivate you, and help you level up your Spanish while you have a great time!

Read romance novels

How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases (6)

Learning Spanish online means that you will be able to enjoy all the wonderful Spanish-language literature. You’ll soon find out that there are countless ways to express love in Spanish, as any romance novel will show you.

Some of our favorite romantic novels in Spanish are:

  • Como agua para chocolate by Laura Esquivel
  • El amor en los tiempos de cólera by Gabriel García Márquez
  • En los zapatos de Valeria by Elísabet Benavent
  • Travesuras de la niña mala by Mario Vargas Llosa

If you love a good love story, you are sure to love any of these classics!

Find romantic playlists on Spotify

We already gave you a few great songs in a previous section, but did you really think that was it? There are thousands and thousands of great Spanish songs about love, so don’t give up until you find some that you like!

Luckily, you can browse Spotify to find awesome playlists about love in any genre that you want. Here are some possible search queries that can make your search easier, depending on the music that you like:

  • Canciones románticas en español (general)
  • Canciones pop románticas en español (pop music)
  • Canciones de reggaetón románticas en español (reggaetón)
  • Canciones de rap románticas en español (rap)
  • Baladas románticas en español (ballads)
  • Canciones de rock románticas en español (rock)
  • Canciones electrónicas románticas en español (techno)

No matter what kind of music you like, you can surely find something romantic to listen to.

FAQs about love in Spanish

What’s the difference between “te quiero” and “te amo”?

Both “te quiero” and “te amo” can translate into “I love you” under the right circ*mstances. Although “te amo” is the literal translation of “I love you” and “te quiero” translates directly into “I want you”, the line between them is a little blurry.

To know how to use them like a pro, you need to know that “te amo” is the more formal of the two. If you are about to profess your love to someone, you would absolutely want to say “te amo” instead of “te quiero” in order to not leave any room for interpretation.

However, “te quiero” can convey almost the exact same meaning and intensity as “te amo” in casual situations. For example, when texting, it’s far more common to use the acronym TQM (for Te Quiero Mucho) than TA (Te Amo).

So, when in doubt, think of how formal the situation is. The more formal, the more likely “te amo” is the way to go.

Is “Te quiero” platonic?

“Te quiero” is a completely acceptable way to show platonic love. Although its literal meaning is “I want you,” it really means something closer to “I love you” in everyday language.

“Te quiero” on its own does not necessarily have a romantic connotation, so don’t be alarmed if a friend or colleague says “te quiero” to you. It’s just a nice way to show that they care about you!

How do I respond to “Te amo”?

Whenever you say I love you to someone, you most likely expect to hear “I love you too” back. So, how do you say I love you too in Spanish? “Yo también te amo” is what you’ll want to say—if you do love them back, of course.

However, what do you do if you don’t love them back? Well, here are a few appropriate responses:

EnglishSpanishIPA SpellingPronunciation
Thanks, but I only like you as a friend.Gracias, pero solo te quiero como amigo.ˈɡɾasjas | ˈpɛɾo ˈsolo te ˈkjɛɾo ˈkomo aˈmiɣo ‖Gra-see-as, pay-ro so-lo tay kee-eh-ro co-mo ah-me-go
Thanks, but I think we’d be better off as just friends.Gracias, pero creo que sería mejor si solo fuéramos amigos.ˈɡɾasjas | ˈpɛɾo ˈkɾeo ˈke sɛˈɾia meˈxoɾ si ˈsolo ˈfwɛɾamos aˈmiɣos ‖Gra-see-as, pay-ro cray-oh kay seh-ree-ah may-hore see foo-ay-rah-mos ah-me-gos
Thanks, but I am not looking for a relationship at the moment.Gracias, pero por ahora no quiero una relación.ˈɡɾasjas | ˈpɛɾo poɾ aˈoɾa ˈno ˈkjɛɾo ˈuna relaˈsjõn ‖Gra-see-as, pay-ro pore ah-oh-rah no key-ay-ro oo-na ray-lah-see-on
Thanks, but I have a boyfriend/girlfriend.Gracias, pero tengo novio/a.ˈɡɾasjas | ˈpɛɾo ˈtɛ̃nɡo noˈβjoa ‖Gra-see-as, pay-ro ten-go no-vee-ah/no-vee-oh
Thanks, but I am already seeing someone else.Gracias, pero ya estoy saliendo con alguien más.ˈɡɾasjas | ˈpɛɾo ʝa ɛsˈtoi̯ saˈljɛ̃ndo kon ˈalɣjɛ̃m ˈmas ‖Gra-see-as, pay-ro ya es-toy sah-lee-en-do con al-gee-en mas

Now it’s your turn to spread the love (in Spanish!)

They say passion is enthusiastic love towards our work, and if you’ve made it to the end of the article, you are clearly passionate about learning Spanish!

Although our time is up, we hope you feel equipped to take on any romantic (and platonic!) endeavors with our 140+ ways to express love in Spanish. Now you’ll know what to say beyond a simple “I love you very much” in Spanish next time you need to share some love!

As always, keep up the good work and make sure to check out our online Spanish classes and our Spanish blog for more study resources.

¡Hasta pronto!

How to Say I Love You in Spanish in 142 Romantic Phrases (2024)


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