Korean Drama “Marry My Husband” Review And Explained (2024)

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“Marry My Husband” Ep13 Review and Explained

The PV was delayed by an hour and released at 10:30 PM due to either the New Year holiday or a scheduling error, which is disappointing. This episode simply showcases Yoo-Ra at her worst, as she not only plans for Min-Hwan and Soo-Min to kill Ji-Won but also sleeps with Min-Hwan to control him?! Although subtly portrayed, it seems to be the case. The reason behind Yoo-Ra sleeping with Min-Hwan is somewhat perplexing.

Yoo-Ra gives Min-Hwan a large sum of money, then instructs Soo-Min to contact her father, whose affair partner turns out to be Ji-Won’s mother. Soo-Min gives her father money to rent a truck and run Ji-Won over at a specific location, intending for Ji-Won’s mother to inherit the assets transferred to her by Ji-Hyeok. Yoo-Ra likely doesn’t care about the 800 billion won, probably leaving Min-Hwan and the others to figure out how to divide it.

Korean Drama “Marry My Husband” Review And Explained (2)

Ji-Hyeok drives out and positions his car in front of the truck, taking the hit for Ji-Won and then being rushed to the hospital in a coma. He leaves a voice message for Ji-Won, conveniently as her phone runs out of battery?! After the hit-and-run mistake, Soo-Min’s father immediately flees with Ji-Won’s mother, but Yoo-Ra doesn’t plan to let them escape and quickly sends people to find and possibly kill them. After an indeterminate period of unconsciousness, Ji-Hyeok wakes up to Ji-Won’s calls.

Ji-Won, after hearing Ji-Hyeok’s recording and realizing everything was triggered by Soo-Min’s greed for her 800 billion won, calls Soo-Min for a talk. They finally clear the air, revealing Soo-Min’s twisted mentality of wanting to take everything from Ji-Won, believing Ji-Won was unaware of her mother’s affair with her father and living well. Ji-Won, however, had been aware and felt fortunate that Soo-Min didn’t know.

Korean Drama “Marry My Husband” Review And Explained (3)

After their confrontation, Ji-Won starts her new revenge plan, the details of which will unfold in tomorrow’s and next week’s finale. Despite the impatience this episode might evoke, at least Ji-Hyeok and Ji-Won’s relationship seems solidified, with no more odd hesitations. The last three episodes will show how Ji-Won teaches Min-Hwan, Soo-Min, and Yoo-Ra a lesson, not to forget Chief Yang’s cheating husband. Online discussions suggest the fiancée plot wasn’t in the comic but in the novel, emphasizing the adaptation is from the novel. However, the recent episodes’ frustrating plot points clearly indicate the comic adaptation was more successful.

“Marry My Husband” Ep14 Review and Explained

After being criticized for not being on time yesterday, the Prime Video was unexpectedly released early at noon today, truly baffling whether it was aired in Korea or not (it was taken down again). Congratulations to “Marry My Husband” for taking another step towards melodrama, with all kinds of twists in this episode as they rush the storyline towards next week’s finale. Chief Yang, upon discovering her husband’s affair, starts gathering evidence but finds the dashcam has no audio, so she decides to call the police to catch the affair in action.

Korean Drama “Marry My Husband” Review And Explained (4)

When a group barges into the house, they find the couple not in bed but preparing boxed lunches. However, a broken door lock, candy on the floor, and a glass table present make Ji-Won nervous. After being chased away by the adulterer, Ji-Won picks up a golf club at the door and smashes the glass table. The adulterer explodes in anger, but Chief Yang also shouts at him, pushing her away. Had she not smashed the glass table first, Chief Yang might have been seriously hurt.

After some thought, Ji-Won devises a plan to have Soo-Min inherit Chief Yang’s fate, becoming the scapegoat for a husband’s infidelity. Ji-Won initially intended to seduce Min-Hwan and even enlisted Ji-Hyeok’s help to stage a drama, which was going successfully. However, after Ji-Hyeok managed to turn one of Yoo-Ra’s henchmen against her, revealing that Min-Hwan had slept with Yoo-Ra, Ji-Won abandons her seduction plan. Instead, Ji-Hyeok instructs his assistant to deliver red high heels and a sugar jar to Yoo-Ra’s residence.

Korean Drama “Marry My Husband” Review And Explained (5)

Soo-Min, significantly sidelined this episode, frets alone at home, worrying Min-Hwan might return to Ji-Won?! Unaware of Ji-Hyeok and Ji-Won’s fake breakup, it’s odd she suspects Min-Hwan of returning to Ji-Won instead of suspecting an affair with Yoo-Ra. Even after arranging a meeting with the former chief, he remains clueless.

Angry at being played by Ji-Won, Min-Hwan storms back to the company late at night intending to harm Ji-Won. Despite hiding, Ji-Won is found, and as Min-Hwan loses control and chokes her, Ji-Hyeok arrives to kick him away, but Ji-Won has already fainted. Min-Hwan’s actions border on attempted murder; can he really leave the police station without consequence next week?!

Korean Drama “Marry My Husband” Review And Explained (6)

Regarding Yoo-Ra, she initially planned to send Soo-Min’s father and Ji-Won’s mother to Suzhou for hiding. Yet, after Min-Hwan claimed Ji-Won would come back to him, Yoo-Ra decided to kill them to silence them permanently. But what exactly were she and her assistant attempting to achieve with just the two of them? They knocked Soo-Min’s father and Ji-Won’s mother unconscious and placed them in a car, lighting charcoal to fake a suicide. Astonishingly, Yoo-Ra made no effort to create an alibi for herself and even foolishly went to the scene to watch.

The purpose of Yoo-Ra buying the restaurant where the chef works remains unclear, seemingly just a plot device for him to take on the company’s meal kit project.

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Korean Drama “Marry My Husband” Review And Explained (2024)


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