Airbus U.S. Locations (2024)

Airbus directly employs more than3,200 people across the U.S. at a growing network of businesses and facilities.

Among them are two assembly locations that produce “made-in-America” commercial airliners and helicopters; two engineering centers; and aircraft spares facilities that stock nearly all the proprietary hardware used on Airbus aircraft. The company also has large in-country training centers for pilots, crews and maintenance personnel; and a subsidiary offering air traffic management products and services.

Engineering and manufacturing in Mobile, Alabama

The Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility, the first commercial aircraft production site for Airbus in the country, opened in Mobile, Alabama in 2015. The line currently assembles A319, A320 and A321 aircraft, producing 60 aircraft annually. In January 2019, construction began on yet another final assembly line in Mobile, this one for the A220 Family, Airbus’ newest single-aisle aircraft. A220 assembly began in Mobile in August 2019, with the plan to produce between 40 and 50 A220 aircraft per year by the middle of the following decade.

Also in Mobile is the Airbus Engineering Center, which opened in 2007. This operation employs hundreds of Airbus engineers responsible for the design and development of cabin and cargo interior elements for Airbus’ aircraft. It is also part of the global team responsible for the growing modification market for Airbus single-aisle and long-range aircraft.

Additionally in Mobile,Airbus Defense and SpaceMilitary Aircraft, Inc. provides integrated customer services for medium and light multi-role airlifters (C212, CN235 and C295). The services include in-house and external aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), engineering, technical support, training, materials support and component repair services.

Mobile’s rich southern tradition, beauty and charm are matched with all the elements of a fast-growing, successful community conveniently located on a deep-water port. Setting up home in Mobile is a great investment, both financially and socially, given its low cost of living and high quality of life.

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Engineering in Wichita, Kansas

Airbus opened its first U.S. engineering facility in 2002, in Wichita, Kansas, a city proudly nicknamed “The Air Capital of the World”. Some 300 aerostructures engineers in this office work on all Airbus jetliners. The team relocated in 2017 to Wichita State University’s Innovation Campus, allowing rapid development of innovation via the pairing of industry and academia. With its proud heritage in aircraft engineering and manufacturing, Wichita is a destination of choice for a growing number of aviation and aerospace professionals.

Here you can enjoy a high quality of life. Affordable housing and excellent educational, cultural and recreational resources all add up to a great place to live and work.

Herndon and Ashburn, Virginia

Airbus Americas headquarters is just outside Washington, D.C., in Herndon, Virginia. The facility employs some 120 people in sales, marketing and communications for Airbus customers in the U.S. and Canada. This facility also serves as headquarters for Airbus Americas Customer Services – each airline customer has a specific Airbus Customer Service Director assigned to it to take care of any aircraft requirements.

The procurement team, also based in Herndon, is tasked with doubling Airbus spending with U.S. suppliers. The overall team at Airbus Americas headquarters reflects the diversity in nationality that is so commonplace at Airbus worldwide, offering North American customers daily interaction with a company that offers a true global perspective.

Nearby in Ashburn, Virginia, another 90+ employees keep the 24-hour Satair spares facility humming, shipping aircraft parts, tools and sections to customers in the Americas. This facility is one of three Airbus spares facilities in the world and is conveniently located near Washington Dulles International Airport. The center has more than $200 million worth of spares stock, with 70,000-part numbers that represent nearly all of the proprietary hardware used on Airbus aircraft.

Airbus Training Centre in Miami, Florida

The Airbus Training Centre in Miami serves as a center of excellence for the Americas. Built in 1999, the $50 million facility complements facilities in Toulouse, Beijing, Hamburg and Bangalore, providing training for Airbus customers' flight and cabin crew, as well as maintenance personnel.

The custom-designed, 110,000-square-foot complex features a range of full-flight simulators, as well as cabin door and slide trainers and state-of-the-art computer-based training programs. Approximately 2,000 trainees from Airbus airline operators in the U.S., Canada and Latin America take courses annually in Miami under the direction of 70 Airbus employees.

Airbus Helicopters Inc. main office and Customer Support Hub in Grand Prairie, Texas

The Grand Prairie campus is home to the Airbus Helicopters, Inc. headquarters including administration, sales, marketing, and technical and customer support teams. This facility also offers engineering capabilities, assembly, customization and flight test of aircraft.It is the North American Support & Services center of excellence, offering a full range of training solutions along with extensive MRO capabilities (e.g. Blade, Dynamic Component, and Maintenance & Repair to include major airframe reconstruction).

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. offers a positive work environment and superior employee benefits. We realize that to be successful in life there must be a balance. Our employment package not only encourages career growth, but also offers the opportunity for personal development, making Airbus Helicopters, Inc. “A Place Where Talent Wants to Work.”

Airbus Helicopters Inc. is proud to be recognized by Texas Workforce Commission and Texas Veterans Commission for participating in the "We Hire Vets" employer recognition program.Airbus Helicopters, Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity/ MF/disability/protected veteran status employer.

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Airbus Helicopters production center in Columbus, Mississippi

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. operates a modern production center of excellencein Columbus, in Northeastern Mississippi's Golden Triangle region. Opened in 2004, this 325,000-square-foot facility produces the H125 commercial helicopter and the U.S. Army's UH-72A Lakota Light Utility Helicopter.

Additionally, the plant handles the assembly and customization of other Airbus Helicopters models and manufactures components for use on new-production helicopters. Nearly 40% of the workforce in Columbus is made up of veterans.

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Airbus U.S. Locations (2024)


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