17 Easy Semolina Recipes Everyone Will Love (2024)

I think we’ve all fallen into the “I bought a whole bag for one recipe,” trap. For me, that was semolina… but now, I can’t get enough of these semolina recipes!

If you find yourself in a similar semolina situation, this list can help you, too!

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Semolina is a very popular wheat grain in the Mediterranean regions.

It’s delicious and full of healthy goodness. Did I mention that it’s extremely versatile?

I’ve got recipes from cakes to pancakes to pasta to pizza crust and everything in between.

Here are 17 of my favorite semolina recipes I’m sure you and everyone around you will love!

1. Semolina Yogurt Cake

Simple, sweet, tasty… this semolina yogurt cake will knock your socks off! It’s moist and light, with a perfect crumb. It’s everything you want in a cake.

This cake reminds me a bit of cornbread… it’s sweet, but not too sweet. The textures are similar, too, but this cake is a bit softer.

It also has a beautiful golden color like cornbread.

To keep everything fantastically moist, this cake is topped with simple syrup. It’s nutty, sweet, and utterly delicious.

Serve it with berries and cream for the perfect treat.

2. Semolina Pudding

If you enjoy Cream of Wheat for breakfast, this pudding is right up your alley. It’s light enough for breakfast but sweet enough for dessert.

So, I’m thinking… have it for both?

And it’s seriously easy to make. You only need four ingredients and about 5 minutes.

Simply bring milk to a gentle boil in a pan. Then whisk in sugar, cinnamon, and semolina. Keep whisking until it thickens to pudding consistency.


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3. Greek Orange Semolina Cake with Orange Syrup

Greek food is probably my favorite type of food. It’s so fresh and flavorful and I could eat it all day, every day.

And I want a slice of this orange cake with every one of those meals.

My waistline probably won’t love it, but my taste buds sure will. This cake is TASTY! It’s nutty, sweet, and bursting with a bright orange flavor.

4. Crusty Semolina Bread

Freshly-baked bread is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures. And this artisanal semolina bread is utterly delectable.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a bread pro to make it.

It’s soft and chewy on the inside. But the outside is crusty and crispy. When you scrape a knife against the crust… it’s the best kind of ASMR.

Slather a healthy amount of butter (or whatever you like) on every slice and enjoy!

5. Moroccan Semolina Pancakes

Holy moly, these Moroccan pancakes are delicious… and holey! They’re just as easy to make as regular pancakes but a wHOLE lot more fun.

These pancakes are sweet and nutty, with a delightfully spongy texture. You and everyone you make them for will love them!

6. Semolina Pizza Crust

The key to the perfect pizza is the crust. Seriously, a crust can make or break a pizza. And this semolina crust absolutely delivers… no ordering necessary!

Semolina contains quite a bit of protein and protein is what makes bread chewy. So, this crust is fantastically chewy. Plus, the crust gets crispy and golden in the oven.

It’s amazing.

Top it with your favorite pizza or flatbread or pizza toppings! Personally, I love pepperoni, red sauce, boatloads of mozzarella, and pesto.

7. Truly Crunchy Roast Potatoes

The best roasted potatoes are crunchy potatoes. And these potatoes are CRUNCHY. Like walking on fall leaves level crunch.

Usually, when I roast potatoes, I season them and toss them in the oven. And that’s good. But this is better!

It does require a few more steps, but every bit of extra effort is worth it. These are some of the best potatoes I’ve ever had.

8. Gnocchi Alla Romana (Semolina Gnocchi)

I’ll bet you’ve never had gnocchi like this before! Well, unless you live in Rome or travel there often. Regardless, I know you’re going to love them.

In the most basic terms, this gnocchi is a baked semolina dumpling dish. But it’s just so yummy that it seems like so much more.

Gnocchi Alla Romana looks like potatoes au gratin and tastes like carb heaven.

9. Semolina Dumplings Soup

I’m a firm believer that dumpling soup is better than noodle soup.

Don’t get me wrong, I love noodle soup… but dumplings… oh man. This soup is so darn good!

For one, the dumplings are delicious. They’re slightly nutty, totally chewy, and just plain yummy. Also, I find them more filling and more comforting than noodles.

The dumplings are boiled in homemade chicken broth, with carrots, onions, and celery. All of those flavors infuse into the dumplings. Every spoonful is delectable.

10. Homemade Pasta

Once you make this recipe, you will never buy dry pasta again. You only need four ingredients, a little time, and a little love.

You don’t even need a pasta maker!

However you make it, it’s fresh, chewy, and absolutely delicious.

11. Spinach Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta Filling

This extra spinachy ravioli is going to hulk-smash your taste buds. It’s delicious. Really.

You can’t beat freshly made pasta (with sneaky veggies) and cheesy spinach filling.

It’s so flavorful, it’s healthy, and it’s comforting. But I may be biased, as ravioli is my favorite pasta.

12. Breakfast Semolina Porridge

Do you remember the semolina pudding from earlier? Well, this recipe is pretty similar and just as delicious.

The main difference is that this recipe uses additional flour and some butter.

It’s sweetened with cinnamon and honey, so it has a lovely warmth and floral sweetness.

Serve it with your favorite fruit. Bananas or berries are excellent choices!

13. Greek Halva

Greek Halva is a simple, vegan pudding that you will love. Even if you’re not vegan!

Just an FYI… this is pudding in the British sense, not like a Snack Pack.

So, it’s kind of like a really moist, dense cake. Or think of it like a giant, bundt-shaped sweet dumpling.

It’s loaded with delicious spices, sweet raisins, lemon flavor, and happiness.

14. Grissini Breadsticks (Crunchy Italian Breadsticks)

Grissini breadsticks are the breadsticks you find at authentic Italian restaurants. They’re not the soft ones you’ll find at Olive Garden (though, those are delightful).

These are super crunchy! They’re long and thin and full of salty, herby flavor. They’re fantastic.

15. Namoura (Semolina Cake)

If you need a yummy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further. Namoura is a traditional Lebanese dessert that is full of amazing umami.

It’s sweet and slightly salty, with a fabulously nutty taste. It’s doused in simple syrup, so it’s perfectly moist. Every bite is heavenly.

16. Greek Orange Honey Cake with Pistachios

Transport yourself to Mykonos or Santorini with every bite of this delicious cake. It’s fragrant, textural, flavorful, and simply mouthwatering.

The cake is nutty and bursting with citrus. And every slice is loaded with citrus, honey, and pistachio syrup. Your taste buds will be dancing in excitement.

17. Moroccan Harcha

Moroccan harcha is like the Middle East’s answer to arepas. If you’ve never had arepas, they’re a starchy and delicious South American flatbread.

Only, they’re a little thicker than arepas. But they’re just as scrumptious!

They’re golden and crumbly and chewy and amazing. Serve them for breakfast, filled with jam, butter, cheese, whatever.

You could even go for a full-on breakfast sandwich with an egg and turkey bacon.

17 Easy Semolina Recipes Everyone Will Love (2)

17 Semolina Recipe Collection Everyone Will Love

Enjoy a healthier version of cakes, puddings, bread, & more with these semolina recipes! This roundup has you covered from appetizers & entrees to dessert.


  • Semolina Yogurt Cake

  • Semolina Pudding

  • Greek Orange Semolina Cake with Orange Syrup

  • Crusty Semolina Bread

  • Moroccan Semolina Pancakes

  • Semolina Pizza Crust

  • Truly Crunchy Roast Potatoes

  • Gnocchi Alla Romana (Semolina Gnocchi)

  • Semolina Dumplings Soup

  • Homemade Pasta

  • Spinach Ravioli with Spinach and Ricotta Filling

  • Breakfast Semolina Porridge

  • Greek Halva

  • Grissini Breadsticks (Crunchy Italian Breadsticks)

  • Namoura (Semolina Cake)

  • Greek Orange Honey Cake with Pistachios

  • Moroccan Harcha


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17 Easy Semolina Recipes Everyone Will Love (2024)


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