14 Creative Arrowroot Paleo Recipes - Paleo Grubs (2024)

Arrowroot powder, sometimes called arrowroot starch or simply arrowroot, is a starchy flour similar to tapioca or potato starch. It’s grain-free and great for baking baked goods or pancakes fluffy and giving them that slight chewiness that you’re looking for. Try it in some of these recipes!

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1. The Best Gooey Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate chip cookies are something for which everyone needs to have a good recipe, even paleo eaters. You never know when you’ll crave them, and if you use this fabulous recipe, you’ll have a way to satisfy! This recipe uses arrowroot to help keep the cookies chewy and gooey.

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Photo: Gourmande In The Kitchen

2. Grain Free Crepes With Honey Citrus Compote
These light and delicious crepes are made with a blend of arrowroot and coconut flours, eggs, coconut milk, and coconut oil. They’re soft and custard-like and they’re practically melt in your mouth when topped with blood orange, tangerine, and orange blossom honey.

3. Carrot Cake Pancakes
Made with a blend of arrowroot, almond, and coconut flours, these cinnamon-laced pancakes taste just like carrot cake with shredded carrot, chopped nuts, coconut milk, maple, and vanilla. But they’re healthy enough to make a perfect easy breakfast.

4. Paleo Nut-Free Cinnamon Rolls
Thank goodness for arrowroot when it comes to cinnamon rolls, because this starch is perfect for making cinnamon rolls that are gooey, chewy, moist, and stretchy with a cinnamon softness that makes them ideal for birthdays, holidays, and other special mornings when everyone in the family deserves a breakfast treat.

5. Honey Walnut Cookies
These super simple cookies are sweetened and flavored with honey—raw, local honey is best—and made with a base of almond and arrowroot flours. Almond gives the cookies a lovely flavor and boost of protein, while arrowroot helps them hold together and stay soft and chewy.

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Photo: My Natural Family

6. Paleo Apple Crisp
In this recipe, arrowroot starch helps absorb some of the liquid from the apples and honey, and together with the grass-fed butter, makes the top of the dish super crispy and delicious. The cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey give this crisp really lovely layers of flavor.

7. Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup
Homemade soup is, as a general rule, always better than canned coup. Always. Especially this homemade cream of chicken soup that uses arrowroot to make it richer and thicker. You can use coconut milk to replace the heavy cream, making it fully dairy-free.

8. Sesame Soy Arrowroot Noodles
These noodles don’t have any soy in them, but the name is much more appealing than “sesame coconut amino noodles,” so we’ll roll with it. These noodles are made from arrowroot with onion, carrot, zucchini, and fresh ginger along with the ride. A touch of coconut sugar complicates these flavors with a slight sweetness.

9. 3 Ingredient Paleo Crepes
These easy crepes have a simple ingredient list with just arrowroot powder, eggs, coconut oil, and water or milk of choice (almond would work well, and so would coconut if you water it down so it isn’t too thick). You could use these for sweet or savory fillings.

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Photo: Cooks With co*cktails

10. Ultimate Crispy Baked Onion Rings
Can you believe how crispy these onion rings look without even being fried? The trick is arrowroot powder, which is a starch, so it crisps up nicely in the oven. Coconut milk and seasonings flavor this batter, and you can replace the sugar with coconut sugar or just leave it out.

11. Simple Paleo Tortillas
Made from arrowroot and coconut flour, these tortillas work as wraps, taco holders, or anything else you think you’d like to do with a tortillas. You could even use them as crepes for a sweet breakfast, and then you’d want to add a little vanilla extract to the batter.

12. Paleo Coffee Cake
This crumbly and cinnamon-flavored cake is packed with coconut milk, grass-fed butter, maple syrup, and other delicious goodies. The cake base is made from coconut and arrowroot flours and topped with a crumbly and maple-sweet walnut topping.

13. Paleo Fish Sticks
Remember the onion rings? We’ve already seen that arrowroot makes a great coating for crispy, breaded things, so it’s obviously perfect for something like fish sticks. These fish sticks also use blanched almond flour with paprika and black pepper, and they’re fried in lard, bacon fat, or tallow.

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Photo: The Spunky Coconut

14. Best Ever Paleo Pancakes
These pancakes are made with almond, coconut, and arrowroot flours, a blend that makes them the exact right amount of fluffy. They’re deliciously flavored with honey and almond milk, and you could even consider adding flavorings like vanilla or almond extract for extra decadence.

14 Creative Arrowroot Paleo Recipes - Paleo Grubs (2024)


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